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Amman Airport to Petra Bus

Getting by bus to Petra from Amman Airport turns to be the the slowest option.

Take a look at the information displayed below to get safe and sound from Amman Airport to Petra by bus:

Airport Express Bus

In Queen Alia International Airport, passengers should take beforehand the Airport Express Bus or Sariya Shuttle Bus until Tabarbour Bus Station, which is located in downtown Amman.

See how to get to Tabarbour Bus Station from Amman Airport

Buses run daily from 06:00 am to 00:00 am and depart every 30 minutes.


Once at Tabarbour Bus Station, there’s the JETT Bus.

JETT Bus follows the route between Tabarbour Bus Station and Petra within 4 hours.

It stands for a scheduled service equipped with A/C.


Buses depart daily from Tabarbour Bus Station at 06:30 am and get back from Petra at 04:00 pm.


One-way ride cost is 11 JD (adult), 7.70 JD (children).

Where do I purchase my ticket?

Tickets are sold through JETT Bus website.

Local buses

Alternatively, passengers can also board local buses to Petra.

Please note that they are small minibuses and do not depart unless the bus is full. In that sense, expect large waiting times.

Buses depart from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm and have a cost of 5 JD for a single ticket.